Dot peen marking device

Durable marking

Dot peen marking especially suitable for metal surfaces, but it can also be used for wood and plastic. The perfect choice for durable marking on uneven surfaces.

Hand-held dot peen
marking system

Mark where you want with the fully battery-operated Flymarker Mini dot peen markers.

Hand-held dot peen marking system

Benchtop marking system

For challenging marking of small pieces and accurate marking of larger pieces.

Benchtop marking system

Special applications

Marking solutions built to your needs. Device can be integrated and adapted to your needs.

Special applications


Frequently asked questions about dot peen marking devices

Dot peen marking especially suitable for metal surfaces, but it can also be used for wood and plastic. It is also a good choice for durable marking on uneven surfaces.

In dot peen marking or braille writing, a steel marking pin or needle of the marking device strikes the material with dotted pits, forming desired characters such as numbers, letters or logos. One of the key benefits of this marking method is the permanence of the marking on the material.

Dot peen marking is mainly used on metals. It can also be used on plastic or wood if sticker or inkjet labeling is not suitable for some reason.

Depending on the material, portable battery-operated point markers can reach a depth of 0.3 mm. With pneumatic devices, even deeper marking can be done if needed.

Yes, the marking device can be used to mark logos and ECC 200 standard data matrix code

The main difference is the plus model’s ability to make deeper marking. Different marking supports can also be attached to the Plus model for easier marking on difficulty shaped workpieces. The marking range is also slightly wider (85 x 45 mm) in the Plus model than in the Mini (65 x 30 mm). The Plus model is available with a marking area up to 120 x 45 mm. The Mini model is slightly lighter and smaller. The interface on both of the devices is the same.

The speed of the marking depends on the size of the font, but the average speed of the FlyMarker device is one character (letter or number) per second. For pneumatic driven system, the marking is slightly faster.

The visibility depends on the thickness of the paint layer and the requirement how deep the marking should be visible. The marking force and visibility under the paint layers can be adjustable in the portable devices with the multi-marking function or with the power magnet of the Plus model. Pneumatic devices are capable of deeper marking than battery-powered devices.

Yes. The marker devices can hold hundreds of files.

The 1.5 to 2 mm font size can be well read using a gentle impact force. If the material is strucked too hard, the dot pits may overlap each other when using lower case, which affects the readability of the marking.

The number of characters depends mainly on the font size and the marking area. Characters can also be scaled down and space between characters can be compressed to fit more content. The maximum marking area is 200 x 100 mm (in the T1 version of the table marking system).

The lifetime of the battery depends on the number of the markings and the operating time. The selected marking force also affects the battery. The device comes with 2 batteries and a battery charger, so one of the battery can be charged while the other is in use. For the FlyMarker Mini a separate 5.2 Ah extra battery is also available, the Plus model is equipped with a default 4.0 Ah battery.

The needles or pins of the battery-powered devices are especially durable: one needle can be used for years. The wearing time of the needles is affected by e.g. the material hardness, the marking needle tip angle, marking quantities and force. You can always find new marking needles in our warehouse if needed.

Yes. We have marking device maintenance service in Tampere and, if necessary, we send the equipment to Germany for maintenance by the manufacturer. If maintenance time takes longer, we can offer a replacement device. We also have a comprehensive spare parts service. Read more about the services here.

Yes, the possibility of sequential numbering always comes with the device.

Portable devices are the easiest to mark to flat surfaces and pipes. The device allows 5 mm height possibility from the surface which makes possible to mark pipes from above in the circumferential direction and to mark other uneven surfaces.

The shapes of the pieces vary a lot and most often a suitable solution is found for the marking. The specialized and software options available for the devices have solved several labeling challenges. If necessary, we can also prepare case-specific support or other tuning ourselves.

We offer financing solutions for our customers. Leasing may be an option to consider if your company needs a new equipment.

For more information about financing possibilities, refer to it in your request for quotation or send us a message using our contact form.


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