automaattinen tyyppikilven merkintäasema

Automatic rating-plate marking station

Designed to suit your needs

We produce client customized type plate marking devices according to their needs. The type-plate marking device contructed by the customers’ plate if the shape of the plate cannot be changed. The machine has a guaranteed feed capacity of 100-250 plates, taking into account the customer needs.

Automatic rating-plate marking station

Fully customized ready-made solution

The CNC-controlled marking system has been developed into an easy-to-use device. The electropneumatic needle guarantees efficient marking. Marking is possible on hardened metal (up to 62 HRC hardness), but also on plastic and wood.

The user interface has been developed based on several years of experience. The easy-to-use user interface offers a wide range of options for different marking informations and special functions. The preview mode enables to monitor the actual dimensions of the marking in advance. At the same time, you can easily modify the position of the text with the arrow keys.

This marking device is part of the modular product range, therefore it can be variable with the available options.

Automatic type-plate marking station features:

  • Suitable for marking various plates, applicable with the marking technology of your choice.
  • Feed magazine for customizable shield.
  • Able to ensure trouble-free supply
  • Marking preview
  • A demolition magazine prepared according to your needs
  • Data entry is possible in several ways
  • Remote control programming
  • Hundreds of pre-made marking files can be programmed into the device’s memory
  • Extensive external connections
  • Ask our sales for more!
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