Central control units ZE 101XL / ZE 301 XL / ZE 401 XL

Modular central control units for benchtop devices and for integration into production lines.

The central control units are IP54-protected and modular, the high-quality modules ensure smooth programming. The construction of the device allows various communication possibilities for higher-level systems such as PROFIBUS and PROFINET. Ethernet and numerous I / O outputs are also available.

Control units

ZE 301XL

Modular design for simple applications.

Logical and easy-to-use interface, data input is done via the external USB keyboard.

The software of the central control unit can be operated directly via the display. Useful functions such as time, date or automatic numbering are included in the standard delivery.

  • Both hand-held and benchtop marking systems can be controlled by the central control unit
  • Modular product design
  • Compact desktop housing
  • Stand-alone operation without external PC
  • Large integrated color LC display with 640 x 480 pixel resolution
  • Integrated Ethernet and USB connection
  • Logical and easy to use software
  • Marking preview
  • Several hundred marking file, logos and fonts can be saved directly to the control unit
  • Marking functions time, date, automatic numbering, shift detection and waiting time are included in the standard delivery
  • Several other features available
  • Option PC – XL CONTROL software can be used to create, edit and manage files directly from PC
  • Optional DMC software package (data matrix code)

Central control units

ZE 101XL

Exceptionally compact design, everything you need for an automated production line.

Equipped with color display and touch screen. The interface is well structured and available in several different language versions.

  • Compact design
  • Integrated PC functions for standalone applications
  • IP54 protection
  • DeviceNet / INTERBUS / PROFIBUS or Profinet-cards (including LWL) can be used
  • Integrated Ethernet and USB connection
  • High resolution LC display
  • Integrated touch screen/ USB keyboard
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Logical user interface
  • Several hundred marking files, logos and fonts can be saved directly to the device
    The latest processor technology guarantee fast navigation in the programs
    The software is available in several languages
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Central control units ZE 101XL / ZE 301 XL / ZE 401 XL

Modudar central control units for modern production

Central control units are available for both automated production processes and simpler solutions. The software interface is well structured and easy to use. The operating programs are available in Finnish and many other languages. The modular design makes it possible to add special functions to the equipment.

The control units for integrated and benchtop marking systems are designed with the latest connection requirements of production lines. The control units are IP54 protected and convincing with their reliability and features.

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