tube and pipe marking station

fast and easy inkjet printer solution for tubes and pipes

We manufacture various tube and pipe marking stations, the machines are able to print on many different materials and colors thanks to the advanced Rea Jet HR inkjet printer. The station is suitable for several different tube diameters, the marking can be implemented on hydraulics, pneumatics, brass and aluminum pipes. 

Hydraulic hose marking station

Product labels, logos and barcodes for pipes and tubes.

REA Jet HR product family offers high resolution marking systems using especially developed inks to facilitate clean, environmentally-friendly and solvent-free marking on even non-porous surfaces. HR systems are maintenance-free and user-friendly.

Marking pipes and tubes has never been easier and simpler, the trusted mechanics guarantee reliability in production as well as clean and personalized marking for your product. The machine can be completely modified to your needs according to the given requirements your product and the marking has. 

The mechanics are designed based on the customer’s needs, the machine is able to mark several different diameters only by adjusting the height of the print head.  The pipe is always positioned automatically by the marking station thus providing the best printing result.

Tube marking station features:

  • Suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic hoses
  • Suitable for aluminium, stainless steel and rectangular tubes 
  • Maintenance-free system
  • Data input is possible in several different ways
  • Different printing colors are available
  • Fast-drying inks and high-speed marking
  • Multiple print files can be stored in the machine’s memory
  • Ask our sales for more!
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