rea jet kuitulaser

Rea Jet fiber laser

Annealing metals with high-tech fiber laser

REA JET FL is suitable for permanent marking of metal and plastic surfaces. The marking can even take place on oily, corroded or above 1000 ° C hot surfaces.

Rea Jet fiber laser

Mark metals effectively

The fiber laser marking device is suitable for marking metal and plastic surfaces. In addition to text and number marking, fiber laser can also mark barcode, 2D codes and logos with various standards. REA JET laser marking devices can be controlled from the control panel or via the computer’s web interface.

The modern interface is designed to be easy to learn and visually appealing. Marking programs can be stored in the device memory, content can be created with Label Creator software or printed directly from the control panel. Marking programs can be previewed both in the user interface and the surface of the material with the alignment laser. The position of the laser can be adjusted, which provides more possibilities for marking difficult-to-mark pieces.

REA JET fiber laser marking system features:

  • Suitable for marking metal and rubber
  • Available laser power: 20W, 30W, 50W
  • Marking area from 65x65m to 180x180mm depending on the focusing lens. Marking area can be arbitrary extended by moving the object.
  • Logical and easy to learn interface
  • Marking preview on the user interface and on the surface of the material with the alignment laser
  • Barcode, 2D codes, logos, time, date, counter, etc.
  • Ethernet connection, I / O, duplicate safety circuit
  • Can be controlled both with the control panel or with the computer
  • Marking content generation with Label Creator software

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