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Dot peen marking device
Flymarker mini 65/30




Metal industry

The most suitable device

We met with Honpumet Oy’s coworkers at a fair where they were looking for marking device for pipes and other parts. We introduced them the Flymarker mini device which proved to be the best solution, and they got to know its features already at the fair.

Notedly the Flymarker Mini 65/30 hand-held dot peen markers supplied by Mutoterä proved to be the most suitable for their use.

“We have been freed up machine tool time for machining instead of marking. I recommend Muototerä as a supplier, because they know the devices, which has high quality as well.”

The training was effective and sufficiently concise.

Honpumet Oy already has two Flymarker Mini marking device in their production. They have been satisfied with the quality of the equipments and the implementation was easily worked out in a few minutes with the guidance of Muototerä.

Quality production

The customer describes Muototerä as a customer-oriented company with fast services, which were especially important for us.

“I highly recommend the devices; they are good products with high quality and affordable price. We have already acquired another Flymarker Mini device due to the increased need of marking.

Since we got the second Flymarker Mini, we have been given time off from the machine tool for marking pipes and other parts. The markings previously made on the machine tool have been omitted and the workload has been distributed for machining purposes only.”

Dot peen marking device

Quick marking on metal, plastic, and wood

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