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Color Coding:
Rea Jet Spray




Wood industry

Reliable device for the planing line

Kurikka Timber was looking for suitable devices for the planing line to implement markings of glulam frames on products going to customers. They were looking for a reliable, easy-to-use and affordable device.

The marking devices provided by Muototerä met these requirements and the installation went easily thanks to clear instructions. Test markings were made with Rea Jet spray device to make sure it will be suitable for their production line.

“The appearance and quality of the products has improved significantly. A service that knows the customer's needs, service-oriented and provides competent customer service.”

Delivery, installation and marking!

The delivery included completely ready to use device with clear, customized installation instructions. The installation of the device was carried out by the customer itself with skilled maintenance staff, while the electrification was easily made by the circuit diagrams and the ready-made cables of the specified dimensions.

Quality production

The customer describes Muototera as a service-oriented supplier who knows the customer’s needs, providing high-quality devices and responsible support.

The Rea Jet device eased the production line for the users, the safety with the device proved to be good.

Spray- and color mark technology

Mark even on challenging surfaces: Metal, concrete, stone, plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, and glass.

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