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Rea Jet HR 4K




Wood industry

Maintenance-free device for barcode marking

Our customer Metsä Board was looking for barcode marking solutions for cardboard rolls of roll packaging line. Several different marking options came to play from laser to inkjet system.

Muototerä proved to be a competitive retailer with outstanding positive enthusiasm right from the first contact. From the tried Rea Jet devices during test markings the Rea Jet HR 4K proved to be the most suitable. Among others the device’s mainentance-free unit affected the final decision.

"I felt very positive about the enthusiasm and efficiency of Muototerä as I searched for possible marking solutions."

Delivery, installation, training… and use!

In addition to the device itself, the delivery included installation and operator training. The hardware was delivered to the customer with the so-called “plug and play” principle, which means that automated data transfer used by the line was programmed into the device in advance.

The training days were divided into user training and more in-depth hardware training. The participants considered the event successful, comissioning of the device went smooth.

Reliability in the production

The customer describes Muototerä as a customer-oriented retailer with extensive expertise.

The Rea Jet equipment improved the operational reliability of the entire packaging line by developing the product tracking system using barcodes. According to the customer’s experiences they have found just the right solution, and the project was successful.

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Marking even on challenging surfaces: Metal, concrete, stone, plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, and glass.

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