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Dot peen marking device:
5 pcs
FlyMarker Mini 65/30 with Integrated barcode scanner


Metal / Carbon steel


Metal industry

Customized delivery as required

SEW Industrial Gears Oy wanted to mark track information for gears and shafts with the latest technology instead of the traditional stamping. The criteria for the hardware was clear: as small device as possible with the ability to easily mark small shafts as well. The fact that the device can be programmed for radially curved mark with respect to the end of the shaft also played an important role.

The FlyMarker dot peen marking device offered by Muototerä were already familiar for another site of the company where they have already gained good experience in marking casting cases. The equipment was delivered to them for trial use; the easy operation of the device convinced the users, during the test operation they have found out that marking of the small shafts are very challenging, but the team at Muototerä found the right solution for the problem.

"With the FlyMarker machine, the visual quality of our products has improved significantly. We would recommend similar product to others. The device is versatile, simple to use, and capable of more complex markings if needed."

Beating the challenges of the corona era

The operator training was carried out remotely and delivered in this way providing comprehensive user guide. After the training, they were really satisfied with the FlyMarker mini device, the implementation went conveniently, and the operator training provided by Muototerä together with the support fulfilled their requirements.

Our own design and production guarantee flexibility

The customer says that Muototerä’s own design and production offers more specific support which is certainly an advantage. Customer service works well, although it was more challenging during corona times. Responses to device inquiries were fast keeping the schedule as planned, Muototerä was able to remotely help how to properly start using the device.

Dot peen marking devices

Quick marking on metal, plastic, and wood

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