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Device according to customer needs

Our customer Versowood was looking for suitable marking system of electrical and telecommunications poles marking. They had clear vision what kind of marking system they need.

The services offered by Muototerä was familiar for their former Purchasing Manager, who advised to contact Muototerä when they searched for marking solution. Test markings were made with benchtop MV5 T0 system in order to ensure the quality of the marking on the material. In addition to the device, the ZE 401 XL central control unit was chosen due to its modularity and connection possibilities.

“The marking of the poles has been taken into our own hands and facilitates production. In addition to the close location in Tampere and the quick response to requests, the cooperation has worked well. ”

A simple and effective solution

The plate feeder designed by Muototerä has proven to be a simple and effective solution. The chosen device was trial-tested first at Muototerä to ensure efficient use in the customer’s production. The implementation went smooth and the conceptions were quickly met.

According to the needs

The customer described the solution offered by Muototerä exactly as they needed. They received answers to all of their questions and they have got excellent guidance.

With the MV5 T0 automatic type-plate marking station, Versowood is able to mark electrical and telecommunication poles independently, which simplifies production.

Dot peen marking devices

We manufacture customized automatic type-plate marking devices tailored to your needs. The type-plate marking station is designed according to the customer’s plate in case the shape cannot be changed. The equipment has a guaranteed feed capacity of 100-250 plates, considering the customer’s needs

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