EDS Spray mark heads

Best option for smallest marking of production lines

Rea Jet EDS spray mark head is particularly well suited to very fine dot and line marks smaller than 0.5mm. The dot size is configured by selecting the nozzle size and by varying the material pressure, and the stepless setting on the controller.

EDS Spray mark heads

For dot and line markings

The EDS spray mark head can mark especially precise dots or lines, even smaller than 0.5 mm. The EDS operates on the same principles as the spray mark system: the device has print head with one nozzle hole, ink tank, control unit and accessories. There are also different ink types and colors for EDS device.


  • Can mark e.g. steel, rubber, plastic, wood, concrete and other building materials
  • Can be installed into production line or as a robot tool

Opportunities and benefits:

  • Wide selection of ink types and colors for different materials and surfaces
  • Marking can be done from any direction
  • Highly accurate 0.2-3mm dots and lines
  • Marking distance from the object is 1-10mm
  • Size of the print head is only 30x30x75mm, weight is 220g
  • Simple technology guarantee maintenance-free operation

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