Complete system for quality control

Complete system for quality control

The modular system is designed for different spray markings either as a dot or a line. As a simple system, it consists a spray mark head, tank for paint supply, pressure tank, and a control valve.

Spray mark system

For production line or robots

With spray mark technology it is possible to mark individual dots, a line of dots, or continous lines. The print head has only one nozzle hole that either opens or closes according to the printing command. Color, dot or line marking can be widely used in various industries for quality control or control processes. Several ink types and colors are available for different materials and surfaces.

Spray mark system simply consists an ink tank, spray mark head, and accessories such as hoses and fittings. In simpler applications, separate control unit may not be needed. Printing signal can be submitted directly to the print head with a push button or a sensor.


  • Can mark e.g. steel, rubber, plastic, wood, concrete and other building materials
  • Can be installed into production line or as a robot tool

Opportunities and benefits:

  • Dots or lines of 3-60mm high can be printed
  • Marking distance from the object is 3-100mm
  • Various ink types and colors for different materials and surfaces
  • Mark can be done from any direction
  • Printhead sizes are small and weight only 90-400g
  • Simple technology guarantee maintenance-free operation

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