Hand-held marking systems

Mark wherever you want: lightweight and compact portable marking devices

Our product range includes German Markator dot peen marking equipment as well as Rea Jet inkjet printers and laser systems. Modular devices are suitable for even the most challenging conditions.

FlyMarker Mini 65/30

With the most popular battery-powered marking system, marking has never been easier. The Flymarker Mini 65/30 model is a fully hand-held marking device, optional for small markings. With attractive price-performance ratio and light weight which is only 2.4 kg

FlyMarker Mini 85/45 Plus

The flagship of the new Flymarker mini product family with a wide range of accessories. The optimal marking area ensures perfect marking, the integrated laser pointer helps to mark on almost all materials, even challenging surfaces.

FlyMarker Mini 120/45 Plus

With the largest marking area this system is the perfect solution for example VIN number marking. The device can be fed up to 17 characters per line with a large 10mm font height. The powerful magnet allows deeper marking, so even after surface treatment the marking stays visible.

MV5 M50/M80/M120

The pneumatically driven marking device is the right solution for heavy workpieces. MV5 M marking devices are equipped with a separate central unit, but the device can be moved freely. Compressed air allows a much deeper marking than the battery-powered equipment.

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